Andrew White

Andrew’s fitness and coaching journey, as with all great stories, started from a place of struggle.  After tearing his rotator cuff playing baseball in high school, he underwent surgery and needed physical therapy. Through his own healing, he discovered the magic of helping others get healthy: feeling strong in their own bodies and overcoming the very real mindset challenges that come with a setback. 

Going to school for Athletic Training paved the way for him to be a CrossFit coach and Personal Trainer for almost 5 years. While his dream of helping others had come to life, Andrew realized his own health had slowly fallen by the wayside. Eventually, he knew he’d be a stronger Coach if he put his own oxygen mask on first, so he decided to step back from Coaching to rebuild and find balance.

Thus began the process of restarting his health journey. While he knew all the things to do, actually doing them was the hardest part (sound familiar?). 

It started simple – he focused on riding his bike to work every day. When that became routine, he added bodyweight exercises. With each small step, Andrew focused on things he enjoyed and prioritized consistency over perfection. These small wins added up in a big way! Since then, he’s competed at the World’s Toughest Mudder (a 24-hour obstacle course race) five times, even finishing in the top 12% of his division!

Through these experiences, Andrew learned to treat exercise as self-care instead of a chore. He focuses on
efficiency and consistency in his coaching and loves working with clients to build a solid foundation of fundamentals to support growth and change. 

Because of that, he absolutely loves working with beginners trying to find what works for them, but as a former athlete, he also understands how to push those aiming for performance or endurance goals. Nutritionally, he keeps things simple, helping clients focus on making small adjustments that fit their lifestyle (and leave room for foods they love!)

His Athletic Training background is also key as he works with clients to mitigate or adjust for injuries. Not to mention — he lives in a 26 ft RV, so he knows a thing or two about getting his sweat on with limited or no equipment! 

If you have found yourself struggling to start for the first time, if you need to press reset to rediscover what works for you, or if you need that push to level up from a plateau, Andrew’s your guy to break through those barriers!

Education and certifications:

  • BS in Athletic Training from Loras College
  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Certified Sport Nutrition, NASM
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM

And the nerd cred:

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

If I have to choose I go Star Wars — But Battlestar Galactica is what truly has my heart!

Your favorite video game of all time?


What are you passionately nerdy about? 

My family loves board games and I love every chance I get to play long-distance D&D with my brothers!