Drew Friesen

Drew developed a love for all things nerdy as a kid because of the strength and heroism he saw in his favorite movie, book, and game characters. Many hours were spent imagining an origin story, becoming the hero of his own epic tale. But Drew learned the hard way that dreaming of being noble doesn’t make you noble; fantasizing about being a hero doesn’t make you heroic. Like fitness, knowing what you should be doing doesn’t equal doing those things. Becoming who you were meant to be requires seeing the discrepancy and taking action. Through his schooling in Kinesiology and an ongoing personal transformation journey spanning 12 years, Drew has now learned how to take that action and help others do the same.

Drew’s coaching experience is broad, spanning more than 10 years, but his first love was strength and conditioning for sports. Now, after spending the last 8 years as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, he adapts the principles of athletic training to regular people, students, athletes, and everyday heroes (like police and military) to help them reach the peak of their potential.

Practically, Drew believes that injury resistance, exercise tolerance, and real-world strength are the foundational pillars that support all other training gains, and so he uses a combination of powerlifting, strongman, and survival-style training techniques to that end. While he doesn’t embrace a “go hard or go home” mentality, his systematic approach to training is still both challenging and effective. In the same way, Drew avoids a drill sergeant attitude to nutrition and lifestyle coaching and opts instead for a compassionate, but firm, client-centered approach.

Drew’s greatest passion in training is helping clients discover how incredible they can really be as they get over their hang-ups, blow past their limitations, and develop their own fitness abilities. He first discovered Nerd Fitness in May of 2017 and has been telling friends and clients about it ever since. Today, he’s incredibly excited to join the Nerd Fitness team as his clients’ own personal Yoda and begin passing on what he has learned to future fitness Jedi.


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Certified Online Trainer, Online Trainer Academy
  • Master of Human Kinetics, Applied Human Performance
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Movement Science

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings. I saw Fellowship 7 times in theaters and immediately started learning Elvish. Need I say more?

Favorite Video Game of All Time

Ocarina of Time. Always called back and forth with my buddy announcing when we found the next big item. Totally felt like I beat him when I found the mirror shield. Still the best gaming experience of my life.

What are You Passionately Nerdy About?

Academics. Is that weird? I love to learn about science (after someone else has already done the research)! I’ve always loved philosophy, and lately I’ve been getting into biographies as well. Big WWII nerd right now.