Jules Erickson

One of Jules’ earliest fitness memories is watching Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 doing pull-ups in her cell and thinking, “I must be like her.” Not so much the psych ward part – more the badass strength part, but she’s been crazy for fitness ever since. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she was a one-sport athlete playing basketball year-round. Once starting school at Oregon State, she immediately plugged herself in with the Strength and Conditioning Department and started personal training at the Rec Center on campus.

After graduating with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Jules began personal training in Santa Monica, CA. After 2.5 years she decided to start her own personal training business, Lift & Love Life. And now, having been a fan of Nerd Fitness for years, Jules is ecstatic to combine her love of coaching and getting her nerd on.

Jules has always loved helping people through human performance, and she has 15 years of experience working with a full spectrum of clients both in person and online: athletes, weekend warriors, clients as young as 10 and as old as 80. Jules also has expertise in strength training. So if you are brand spanking new to lifting and need to learn the basics, or if you’re a vet in the weight room and are looking to get stronger, Jules has you covered. She also loves supporting endurance training, hiking, and above all – making any fitness and nutrition programming efficient for your lifestyle. Being a single mom, she knows how difficult it can be to balance work, family, and self-care, and can teach you the tools to be successful despite the chaos.

In addition to her strength and endurance programming skills, after the birth of her daughter Jameson, she recognized the huge lack of support for pre and postnatal care in the fitness industry and has since committed herself to becoming a specialist and resource for new and expectant mothers, helping her clients through pregnancy, postnatal rehab, and return to regular exercise.

From a nutrition standpoint, Jules is not dogmatic in her approach and will work with each client to build a personalized roadmap. She has experience working with those who suffer from emotional eating, and as someone who limits gluten and dairy in her own diet, can help support clients no matter their nutritional preference or necessity.

As a coach, Jules believes in taking things one step at a time; establishing new habits takes time (and effort), and Jules will make sure you always feel confident before taking the next step. However, she’s also not afraid to push you outside your comfort zone either, because that’s where real growth takes place. She believes in empowering through education, and with Jules as your guide on this fitness quest, you’ll work hard, learn a ton, and have a great time along the way. So the only questions are, where are we going and when is second breakfast?

Education and Certifications

  • BS in Exercise and Sport Science
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
  • EXOS Fitness Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Coach, in progress

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Can I say both? The LOTR books are great and dare I say it, the movies are even better, but I absolutely love what Disney has been doing with the Star Wars reboot.

Favorite video game of all time?

Do computer games count? I grew up playing Super Mario World and Mario Kart, but was never a huge gamer. However, my boyfriend in college introduced me to World of Warcraft, and that is forever my fave.

What are you passionately nerdy about?

I am all about self-improvement / personal development. I’ve read countless books and am always looking for ways I can improve, and help others work toward becoming the best version of themselves.