Taylor Thomas

Taylor’s journey in fitness started like many. Sitting in his basement, grinding Halo 3, shooting to become one of the top teams in his country, Canada. Eating pizza, punishing 2-3 energy drinks a night. Gaining 40 lbs in a short time span. After having his “rock bottom” moment, Taylor quickly realized that he needed to start to give as much attention to his body as he was to his gamer score. He recruited a friend to take him to the gym and show him the ropes. 

This “friend” proceeded to absolutely devastate poor Taylor’s chest muscles to the point that he had to squat down in the shower and move his head back and forth between his hands to shampoo his own hair for 2 weeks. (This is unfortunately true)

It was at this point that Taylor knew that if he ever was to be passionate about fitness he would never put someone who is just starting out through the pain he went through. Despite a challenging first experience, his passion for fitness continued to grow when he found more sustainable methods, and it’s been his mandate since then to make exercise approachable, relatable, and understandable for all of the people he facilitates growth. 

He excels working with the “brand new to fitness” client, whether you’re young or old, there’s a place for you on his roster. Not only does he have experience working with those just starting out, he also carries a large amount of experience with individuals focused on athletic performance, injury mitigation and recovery, eating disorders, and those stuck behind mental barriers in relation to health and wellness.

With a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia and 8 years of experience as a Kinesiologist, Taylor has developed personalized programs for his clients based on their unique genetic makeup and their personal fitness goals. He focuses on education as empowerment, teaching his clients about nutrition, physiology, safe bodybuilding, and the psychology behind weight loss and fitness. With enthusiasm, encouragement, and comic relatability, Taylor sets his clients up with the tools to be successful and achieve their goals while having fun in the process, transforming the journey of training and wellness into a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Want to know what it is like to work with Coach Taylor?  Have a look at one of his client’s real-life (and unreal!) transformations here, and here.

Education and Certifications

  • BS of Human Kinetics
  • Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP
  • Continuing education courses through CSEP: Cancer and Exercise, Osteoporosis and Exercise, Working with All Ages, Movement Guidelines for the Early Years

And the really important stuff…

Star Wars of LoTR?

LoTR hands down. No questions asked. My wife has caught me shouting “you shall not pass” many times at my dog while holding a broom!

Favorite Video Game?

I’d have to say Halo 3. Although, I still tell people that Bioshock 3 was the best piece of media I’ve ever consumed in my lifetime. Maybe I just like the number 3….

What are you passionately nerdy about?

My wife would say FPS games. I would say anything that has to do with Jim Carrey impersonations, and watching movies with the driest humor like “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist”